Machine fixed fire
Machine fixed fire

Ansinh 1.500 / AS-04
Morito FACTORY COMPLEX - Danang Industrial Zone
1. FIGHTING Ansinh 1.500 / AS-04


2. Constructed and equipped with:

+ 2 high pressure system 4.5 m3 water tank with pressure gauge and safety valve, water inlet and push,
+ 1 bottle containing 2,000 liters of high pressure foam and foam supply valve, the mixing ratio of 0.3%.
System 34 + rigs mounted CO2 bottle.
+ Push water productivity: 315m3 / h. Pmax = 8.2 bar.
+ Automatic sprinkler systems: Fire factories.
+ CO2 injection system fire office.
+ System AS-CV2 dual hose reel: Fire Manual supplement for all buildings to help preserve water property damage.
+ Fire Systems and outdoor garage: Fire hose reel with double AS-CV3.



3. Principle of operation:

When you open the valve, CO2 is reduced from approximately 70bar pressure to 7bar and move from a liquid state to a gas, the volume increased to 70 times. Swirling air currents and bubbles into the mixture in the chamber of the gun, flare effects arising turn 1 liter volume of about 1,500 liters of water into steam. The foam is not smooth and vapor dew, all creating "mixed slightly nuoc/CO2/bot" had the effect of oxygen chased out of the fire, just dilute the concentration of gas fires, and more bubbles surface covered with wet material. Thus the full fire occurred choking effects, cooling, insulation and fire suppression response to fire off quickly, minimizing the damage caused by water, while reducing the risk to participants fire.


MACHINE Ansinh 1500 / AS-04 spray guns D100

4. How to use

a) by fire at factory: When fires, broken sprinkler head will spray water into steam automatic fire.

b) hydrophobic by fire at the office: Press the right button fires the room was recorded in the control cabinet, the system will open the N2 and CO2 gas injection valve for fire fighting is not wetting properties, computers, documents, no electric shock devices ...

c) Use double hose reel:

- Open the CO2 valve, gun fire towards the feet,
- If small fire near: To spread wide spray hoods.
- If on high fire and large: Open up the lid to spray spread far.
- Open the valve to fire 2 fire is not hydrophobic.
- Open the gas valve to cure one hydrophobic fire.
- Use complete close all the valves, replace the cover spread, extinguishing reloaded.

5. Things to note when using and preserving

- After the Fire: Reload water, CO2, foam AS-B.
- Annually: Checking and maintenance of sprinklers, valve. Reload average gas leak.
- Methods of test for CO2 bottle: Popular weight is used, if the amount of CO2 reduction compared with the average CO2 initial gas leak, not charging enough.

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