Trolley fire and rescue choking
Trolley fire and rescue choking

Ansinh 1.500/30  AND Ansinh 1.500/90

Ansinh 1.500/30 Ansinh 1.500/90

1. Specifications:

          - Vehicles equipped with the average CO2, O2, water, foam and "Double hose reel" guns mounted AS-SN is the oxygen taken to ensure fire safety and rescue of people being stuffy.

          - AS-SN versatile gun fire extinguishing water vapor, dry air wetting properties, computer

The parameters Trolley Fire & rescue choking
Ansinh 1.500/30 Ansinh 1.500/90
- Volume of H2O, (kg or liter)
- CO2 Weight, (kg)
- The volume of O2, (l in TOR)
- Average working pressure of the water, (bar)
- "Double roll" Ansinh versatile gun mount, (the)
- The number of oxygen taken, no less than (a)
- Duration of water spray, (sec)
- Range after removing spray distance shooting spread, (m)
- Area steam nozzle cover spread, (m2)
- Time extinguish fire Petrol (4.5 m2 wide TCVN 7278-1: 2003 - ISO 7203-1: 1995), (s)
- Total gas fire extinguishing vehicles is 4.5 m2, (crowd)
- Weight l ¬ drinking whole car load (kg)
- Weight l ¬ drinking whole car full load (kg)
- Materials chassis
80 - 100
10 - 12
1,5 - 2,0

15 - 25
3 - 5
Thép không rỉ
250 - 300
10 - 12
1,5 - 2,0

15 - 25
10 - 15
Thép không rỉ

2. Principle of operation

a) Treatment of non-hydrophobic fire: When you open the bottle valve, pressure reducing CO2 from 70bar to 7bar and move from a liquid state to a gas, the volume increased to 70 times. The swirling air currents and bubbles into the mixture in the chamber of the gun AS-SN, flare effects volume, turn 1 liter of water to about 1,500 liters of breath. The Gassing up is not smooth and dew foam create "mixed slightly nuoc/CO2/bot". The process of fighting going full-effects of chemical-physical: Chasing the oxygen out of the fire, vapor concentrations diluted fire-foam wetting surfaces, fire, choking, freezing, isolation response and fire suppression to fire off quickly, minimizing the damage caused by water. At the same time steam absorbs heat and toxic smoke to reduce the risk involved fire, reduce environmental pollution.

b) hydrophobic fire Cure: Using CO2 to fire power, materials, money, etc. ..
   - How to use "twin hose reel" guns mounted multifunction Ansinh:
+ When removing the cover: Tap to spray away (or higher) 10-12m,
+ When fitting lid: Spray spread wide 1.5 to 2.0 m2 to repair the fire respectively.
+ When closing water valves, gas valves open, the fire did not wet the property.
+ When opening the second valve is turned into steam water fire fighting is not hydrophobic.
  - The water vapor: Adjust water and gas valves for gas flow ejected colored white cotton.
c) Rescue asphyxiation: Apply oxygen taken fire protection and rescue of people being smoke inhalation.


FUEL FIRE FORM 4,5M2 (TCVN 7278: 2003; ISO 7203: 1995) …

 ... BY TROLLEY ”Ansinh 1.500/30” DẬP TẮT SAU 15-20 SECONDS

3. Applicability

 Trolley fire and rescue choking SECURITY used to extinguish electrical fires, solids, liquids. Particularly effective vehicles for fire fuel, chemicals, distribution pumping stations, basement garage machine, the floor of the apartment building, fire in the factory, closed room, electrical room, cellar mines and tunnels crossing the mountains, generating large fire fumes.

4. How to use

 - When fire occurs, fire stroller accessible, if smoke inhalation and taken to wearing O2 valve,
 - Open the CO2 valve, vacuum gun fire directed at:
   + If a fire near the small and spread to cover Insert the nozzle wide spread fire quickly.
   + If the fire on high and big: Open up the lid to spray spread far.
   + 2 Open both water and gas valves to spray water into steam fire not water-repellent treatment.
   + Open 1 air valve for fire fighting hydrophobic.
 - Use complete close all the valves, replace the cover spread, extinguishing reloaded.
 - When loaded water: water tank valve open, gas discharge and then filled with water, foam mix Ansinh 0.3%.
 - Annual inspection of oxygen and CO2, without additional charge to full.
 Initial Fire + garage, pumping stations, fuel stores, chemical plants: Bring oxygen masks against toxic smoke, use spray foam Ansinh turn water into steam to quickly extinguish, avoid fire spread.

5. Things to pay attention to production, use and storage

- It should be added foam AS-B 0.3% when fighting fires as solid flooring, bedding. Especially for fabrics, wool, bags, blankets etc. ... Ansinh foam to reduce the likelihood of the smoldering fire, can rapidly wash, non-toxic and pollution.
- After the Fire: Must be recharged water, CO2, O2, foam Ansinh to the regulations.
- Do not use CO2 fire cure the alkali metals, alkaline earth, coke, fertilizer, so will cause a chemical reaction creates harmful carbon monoxide and increase fire danger.
- Do not use CO2 fire in the fire place empty, with strong winds as low efficiency.
- Methods of testing and maintenance:
 + Check the CO2 in the bottle: Popular weight is used, if the amount of CO2 reduction compared to the initial average gas leak, have additional load.
 Check the amount of O2 +: Watch the clock pressure is lower than the initial average gas leak, need for additional loads to 120-150bar depending on the manufacturer's specified average.
- Manufacturers are allowed to adjust the water heater, gas etc. accordance with point 6.4.4. ISO 7435-1:2004 - Fire trucks against hazards in high risk areas or upon request: - Save a huge amount of fire; - Range of extinguishing spray distance increases; - Need increase the amount of fire.

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