Under the guidance and direct intellectual contributions and efforts of the Police Department Fire & CNCH and Centre for Scientific Research PCCC, JSC MOST SECURITY GREEN devised solutions to fire and successfully made 3 lines products are:

1. "Machine fixed fire AN SINH"
2. "Fire & Strollers choking rescue AN SINH 1.500/30"
3. "Car Fire & Rescue 1500 AN SINH entire population."


Fire Solution SECURITY include "10 in 1 technology" as follows:
1. Using CO2 and / or nitrogen, (even gas) fire water pump replacement drive. Built into the National Standard TCVN 7884: 2008: Setting fire water pushed by compressed air.

2. Using a gas fire sprinkler mist to create a volume of 1,500 times larger fire and fly 3-5 times compared with the water feature to enhance the efficiency of extinction.

3. Using gas fire create "peace and fighting foam" (instead of "air bubbles" tradition) to shorten time-extinguishing.

4. Fabrication foaming "Ansinh AS-B" Rapid Fire, clean and economic.

5. Coil taps and dual flush fire fast to increase availability fire.

6. Recovery of gasoline vapors when import and retail to avoid explosion and oil loss.

7. Made for emergency vehicle functions to line up.

8. Rescue people down and put up a super soldier fighting tall without power.

9. Fire gas tank does not need spraying, do not degenerate fuel wastage.

10. LPG gas fire civil (fire is extremely dangerous, fire all International Standards are confirmed "almost impossible to extinguish until the gas source valve").


1. Equipment repels water fire automatic pneumatic TCVN 7884: 2008 (already fitted to the EVN, TTAGAS, DMD Discotheque HP, Morito and DAIKU Japan).

2. Double hose reel versatile: It can spray spread, direct spray, spray foam, spray dry gas assets not keeping fire, fire fighters oxygen for breathing and choking rescue.

3. Sprinkler pipe mounting AS-HH fog of water vapor mist to help fire quickly.

4. The trolleys fire and rescue choking Ansinh 1.500/20, 1.500/30, 1.500/90.

5. The first two low-pressure CO2 injection (injection spreading and orientation) to avoid cold burns.

6. Foaming AS-B to fire faster and not to damage oil.

7. In the type of spray mist to reduce CO2 fixed fire water.

8. Five types of portable spray mist fire to reach very far and high.

9. Fabrication of mist and spray cooling protection for fire safety.

10. Cars do not start the engine fire is 20 integrated technologies and devices mentioned above. Furthermore, the fabrication of stainless steel can be turned into water supply equipment in any situation, it's best used for drinking and fighting, to help investors profit long-term stability. SECURITY Fire Solutions was born in 1998 to round 15 this year. From day one leaders fire POLICE DEPARTMENT - MINISTRY OF AN has to consider Danang, test run, suggestions for improvement and technology allow applications written in the 645/PCCC-TT on 17/12 / 1999. Major General and the Director of the Bureau of leading experts and Danang Center has helped to upgrade the technical, artistic, and has been applied commercially. The device is fabricated GREEN SECURITY POLICE DEPARTMENT of fire "inspection certificate".

MOST funding, investors pioneered the application of new, University of fire, police and fire protection Danang help local enthusiasm when put into practice. Because it was successfully applied in Vietnam Electricity Group EVN, PetroVietnam Group TTAGAS.

On 05/25/2010 SECURITY company GREEN technological breakthrough success of vaporization of water at a temperature of CO2 frost and low pressure. Solutions Fire Police help Haiphong and first applied at the MDM Hai Phong Vu. It has 3 consecutive times and caught fire killing several people, from the fitted GREEN SECURITY years really safe.

5/2012 in consultation with the Company's NEWCC, SECURITY GREEN machine has successfully installed fixed fire Morito JAPAN Industrial Park in Da Nang. Here are 8 Industry Corporation Amagasaki, INOUE, Fukui, YURI, Morito, Oishi etc. ..

Tháng 12/2012 continued successfully installed in Industrial Area DAIKU JAPAN.

2013 Centre Partnership and consultancy company for fire protection design Hai Chau Danang Hospital and was CSPCCC Danang Department approval. Currently the company is working with businesses continue fighting for many industrial and consumer products in domestic and overseas, including advanced nuclear power industry.

On the basis of this success, Danang leaders have indicated SECURITY Company GREEN FINE ART WATER SPRAY done on EARTH DRAGON "Steel Dragon, the world's largest." The work was inaugurated on 03.29.2013 and operation stability. With the cost of one night only performances of 50 thousand dollars, attracted thousands of visitors to experience breathtaking, serving the needs of tourism development services of Da Nang City. Thus City leaders continue to offer consultation to the company solutions tourist attraction.

2013, GREEN SECURITY Company has successfully made "Fire engines and rescue the people ANSINH 1500" and the Vietnam Register Department - Ministry of Transportation registration, transfer of licenses from trucks to fire trucks and Da Nang City Police vehicles licensed for nationwide circulation. This is the car "ALL PEOPLE FIGHTING" first in the world has 10 outstanding features and practical for use as follows:

1. Vehicles should not start the engine during continuous fire,
2. All people young and old, men and women are able to directly participate fire immediately,
3. Not necessarily skills training and equipping fire protective equipment,
4. Extinguish fires samples (TCVN7278: 2003) with 5 speed 5-10lit/m2 -10s/m2 and water consumption,
5. The process of spraying fire at wetting properties damaged equipment, computers, ...
6. No cause electric shock, do not cut off the power in the fire area, including 500kV power,
7. Fire Motorcycle basement garage just to stand outside the spray mist,
8. The super high-rise fire without using ladder trucks,
9. Protect against toxic fumes Safe for fire fighters and rescue people were asphyxiated,
10. Fire water can be used for drinking soldier (order request), etc. ...
In GREEN SECURITY fire machine covers only extinguishing the ultra high pressure (80 - 250bar) should be suitable for super high-rise buildings, the underground river crossing seamounts, power transmission, power generation , hydropower, State Treasury, hospitals, schools, ... Fire does not wet office document paper money machine, without causing electrical contact.

The body GREEN SECURITY fire no combustion engines, pumps, compressors, no electricity or gas should not cause a fire, well suited to the refineries, oil rigs, tankers , depots, arsenals, explosives, ships, submarines, etc. ...

Because water vapor mist volume increases to 1,500 times the amount used for reducing fire dozens of times, reduced tank capacity 5-20 times, bypassed the water tank and pump station buildings on intermediate diameter Pipe down -70% compared to 50 pumps to help lower costs and faster installation.

So this is a new generation fighting machine without power, integrated with pioneering technology to be true but a reality, such as wireless phones, bladeless fan, electric stove not mayxo, tubeless tire, no needle injections, liquid soap for washing machines
room, no cream brush, not the satellite dish, Motorcycles numbers, not chain bicycles ...

GREEN SECURITY Company currently owns 10 patents and ISO 7884:2008 with over 50 different types of machines. Only solution was fighting Vietnam SECURITY granted 2 patents for processing VN 3102, VN 10 602 dated 04/09/2012 Patent and Trademark Office USPTO granted U.S. Patent 6.94204 million U.S.. Intellectual Property Organization WIPO World and get published consensus of 147 countries and the International Patent Office. 100% whole machinery solutions by SECURITY patents have been successfully applied in facilities with the highest risk of fire and "picky" as ELFGAS least, TOTALGAS France, PETRONAS MALAYSIA TTAGAS PetroVietnam , PETROLIMEX, Electricity of Vietnam EVN, Indian Oil and Gas Group, HP Discotheque DMD, Morito, JAPAN DAIKU etc. ...

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Department and the Ministry of Public Security shall establish State Standards Council to build a GREEN solution SECURITY Standard Vietnam National Fire TCVN 7884: 2008. MOST Decision 1890/QD-BKHCN announced officially applicable from 29.08.2009. Police Fire On 29/8/2011 the Ministry of Public Security issued Document No. 1158/PCCC & CNCH-TT national guidelines apply.

September 2009, the National Institute of Standards ANSI-USA-USA and Association-NFPA Fire-GREEN SECURITY admitted as official members. NFPA President James Shannon sent a welcome letter. MOST awarded Gold Cup techmart Vietnam, Intellectual Property Gold Cup VN 2012. GREEN SECURITY become the sole representative of Da Nang Intellectuals Politburo of the Party Central Committee invited Tet in Hanoi in 2013.

Research Center for Science and Technology Transfer Consultants Fire & CNCH - Ministry of Public Security signed a partnership contract with JSC MOST GREEN SECURITY replication applications. Especially: The regulation VN, while gasoline stores have machines GASOLINE VAPOR RECOVERY (SECURITY invented and successfully installed these machines) and the machine is very fast fire way to reduce portfolio works community, support of the population or store gasoline displaced far detrimental to society.

With a clear legal framework and open, proven technology, our company would like to respectfully request reports and cooperation of the agency to take "Vietnam Fire Solution" to apply, contribute reduce the investment cost, increase the safety of people, property and the environment, earning more profits for the business.


HE Ambassador of Finland and his wife VISIT AN SINH XANH


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